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In  this  document,  unless there  is something in  the subject matter  or context inconsistent therewith, the following terms and expressions will have the following meanings:

“Business Owner” or “Us” or  “We” — Wiyn Wellbeing (ACN No. 621 105 566), a business registered under the laws of Australia.

“Service” — The process of the User using the Website to book and participate in individualised weight loss coaching sessions offered on the Website.

“TOS” — The Terms of Service in relation to the Service and the Website as set out herein, inclusive of but not limited to, all the express and implied terms and conditions set out herein for the use of the Service and the Website and shall also include without limitation the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer which form an indivisible part of this Terms of Service except as otherwise provided herein. 


“User” — Any person over the age of 18 or legal entity who visits any part of the Website for any duration whatsoever shall be deemed to be a User and such person or legal entity shall have been deemed to  accept all the terms and conditions of the TOS until such time that they leave the Website or close their browser. 


“Website” — www.wiynwellbeing.com, including any subdomains and sub-folders, which is developed and operated by the Business Owner.

1.  “Where Is”, “As Is ” And “As Available” —

The Business Owner provides the Service and the Website on a “Where Is”, “As Is ” And “As Available” basis and the principle of ‘Caveat Emptor’ shall apply in every respect in relation to the entire content of the Website and this Disclaimer. The User  uses the Service and the Website entirely at his/her/its own risk and the Business Owner expressly disclaims any and all warranties and representation of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited, any implied warranty or representation as to merchantability, fitness for purpose or any other warranty or representation that may arise through the operation of any law in any jurisdiction and expressly denies any warranties and/or representation in respect of but not limited to the following:

  • The Service and/or the Website is authorised for use in the User’s jurisdiction;

  • The Website will operate on an error free basis;

  • The Website will have a 100% up time;

  • That any information, videos, images or other information  of whatever nature saved by the User on the Website will be retained on the Business Owner’s servers and/or if retained in respect of any given period of retention;

  • the Business Owner will continue to support the Website;

  • In respect of any other websites that may be linked to on the Website, the entire content of such website;

  • Any products or services advertised by any third party on the Website;

  • The accuracy of any information provided or opinion expressed on the  Website 


2. Medical Issues —

The Business Owner and/or its employees are not doctors, healthcare professionals, nutritionists, dieticians  or other licensed professionals and neither do they represent themselves as such, expressly or impliedly. The Buisness Owner makes available the Website and the Service on a purely holistic health coaching basis. The Website is not a medical website, medical forum and/or any other type of medical and/or health resource of any kind whatsoever, and the Business Owner makes absolutely no representation, statement or other indication of whatever nature, express or implied, that would make such a claim or assertion. The Business Owner and its employees and/or agents do not have any medical and/or healthcare  qualification(s) of any nature and they, together and individually, make no claim, direct or indirect, whatsoever that they have any such qualification(s).

Matters relating to exercise, diet and weight loss are highly individualised issues and no diagnosis or treatment could be reliably given within the context of a website and the Business Owner makes no attempt to do so, expressly or impliedly, and Users shall not perceive or assume otherwise. The provision of the Website and the Service is intended to assist the User in making lifestyle choices and, if the User considers it appropriate, changes that may or may not have beneficial effects on the health of the User and to provide the User with a support mechanism to make such lifestyle changes. Any recommendation made or to be made by the Business Owner to the User are intended only in the context of lifestyle changes and are  not and should not in any way be interpreted as medical advice and or medical recommendations of any nature. The decision by a User to make any lifestyle changes is solely that of the User and the Business Owner disclaims any and all liability that may arise out of such decision by the User. The User is strongly encouraged to seek medical/healthcare advice before making any lifestyle changes, irrespective of whether such changes relate to changes in diet and/or physical exercise.


The information made available on the Website is not intended in any way to be a replacement of or a substitute for medical advice and solely represents the views and opinions of the Business Owner and any such views and opinions are in no way given and/or expressed in any medical or healthcare context. If you are seeking medical information on any issue, you are highly recommended to visit or contact a medical or healthcare professional. 


Any actions taken by a User based on the contents of the Website and/or the recommendations made to the User as part of the Service are entirely at the risk and discretion of the User. Before taking any such actions, the User is highly recommended to consult with a suitable health/medical professional to ensure that there are no medical reasons why the recommendations should not be followed, including but not limited, as a result of any pre-existing and/or latent medical or healthcare condition of the User.


While the Business Owner has used its best efforts to ensure that the information and/or opinions presented on the Website and the Service are accurate, the Business Owner makes no representation as to the accuracy and veracity of such information and it is incumbent upon the User to verify the information and/or opinions before relying on them, in whole or in part. The Business Owner accepts and assumes no liability in respect of any information and/or opinions presented on the Website or the Service, in whole or in part, and the User expressly accepts complete responsibility for the use and/or misuse of such information and opinions. 

3. Results —

The holistic health coaching service offered on the Website can achieve amazing lifestyle changes as reflected in the testimonials and results posted on the Website. However, these changes are only achievable through a combination of  lifestyle changes, perseverance, commitment and hard work on the part of the User. The Business Owner does not in any way, directly and indirectly, guarantee that the User will be able to achieve his/her desired results. The Service is offered on a ‘best efforts basis’ and it is up to the User to put in the necessary commitment and effort to achieve the desired results and to maintain them.

If you require further information about our Disclaimer please contact us directly at office@wiynmedia.com and we will endeavour to respond within 1-2 business days.