• Tahlia Asinate

5 Ways To Instantly Un-F*ck Your Vibration

Ah resistance, that wonderful thing we all experience but wish we didn’t. Wouldn’t it be better if life didn't have contrast and everything was easy? While hypothetically this might sound great, in reality, it would be remarkably boring.

Like light needs darkness and summer needs winter, we need contrast for focus and clarity. And while contrast can strike unexpectedly, your response to it will determine how quickly you move from that contrast into allowing.

When it comes to resistance, many confuse it with contrast, yet these are two different things. Contrast is an experience that helps you formulate and obtain clarity. It shows you what you do and don’t want and is necessary for expansion. Resistance, on the other hand, is a reaction it’s a negative perception where you believe that you are susceptible to something unwanted.

To line up vibrationally and for expansion to occur, contrast is necessary, it helps you focus and achieve clarity. Resistance doesn’t help this and focusing on it only holds you in that state for longer. In moments where we find ourselves experiencing a negative emotion, we must look to release those feelings quickly. By doing so, we allow ourselves to realign vibrationally. The more we do this, the more we allow ourselves to work in alignment with the universe.

So when contrast pops up and f*cks up your alignment, don’t hold yourself in resistance. Instead, acknowledge contrast for what it is, appreciate that your guidance system is working and from there, focus on what you can do to transmute that negative energy.

To do this, here are five things you can do to instantly un-f*ck your vibration …

1. Take A Nap: Where possible a nap should always be the first port of call if you’re feeling out of alignment. This is especially useful if you’re experiencing low energy levels or if you’re easily distracted or irritable. In which case, it’s important that you listen to your body and if you have the option to, take a nap. Vibrationally, when we sleep, we stop momentum completely. This not only allows your body to rest but it also allows you to reset your vibrational energy. Intuitively we all know this, this is evident when a problem previously viewed through a tired mind has been resolved after the committee of sleep has worked on it. When taking a nap, you can further improve your alignment by setting an intention before you sleep. As you lie down, set the intention to wake up in alignment with pure positive energy. Or as Abraham Hicks suggests, you could say something like the following:

"While I sleep, momentum is going to cease for me, my point of attraction is resting. As I sleep I’m experiencing a Law of Attraction reprieve. While I'm sleeping momentum will subside and when I awaken I will have pushed the reset button. I will have pushed the reset button and will be able to jump in at any vibrational point that I choose, and I choose to jump into a really good feeling place.”

2. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate: While napping is a remarkable way to un-f*ck your vibration, at times the situation may not allow for it. In which case, you can and should meditate. This can be done in your car, on public transport, at your desk or on a park bench.

While it’s common knowledge that meditation provides an abundance of positive outcomes, it’s most powerful effect is that it allows you to become more of you. The positive you, the aligned you, the real you. To meditate all that’s needed is a comfortable quiet place to sit where you can close your eyes and focus on each breath you take - in and out. Ideally, you will do this for a minimum of fifteen minutes, however, if you only have five that’s just as good. Where you don’t have much time, even focusing on your breath for a count of twenty will help un-f*ck your vibration.

3. Get Journalling: At times, resistance may have too much momentum behind it, making it hard to quiet your mind through meditation or sleep. In times like these, journaling can be particularly helpful. At it’s most basic level journaling allows you to both speak to and listen to yourself at the same time. It’s like a form of therapy that allows for reflection and processing of your feelings. It allows you to step outside of yourself and view your thoughts from an outsider's perspective, making it easier to release and re-frame any resistance that you might be experiencing. For journaling to be effective, it’s important to utilise pen and paper as opposed to typing. Being on a computer leaves too much opportunity to be distracted. When it comes to pen and paper, there is only space for writing.

4. Move Your Body: Every so often resistance gatherers so much momentum that it’s too hard to change your focus mentally. In which case, it’s best to get out of your mind and into your body. My preferred way to do this is by going for a run as it’s easy to do and can be implemented quickly. When you’re running there is only space for two things, moving your body and regulating your breathing. Doing this is meditative, as while your body is busy in motion your mind is at ease quietly dusting away the mental cobwebs of resistance. To ensure you return home in alignment, pair your run with your favourite playlist as this will help you shift your focus. By the time you get home, you’ll have runner's high and a new point of attraction, you'll also have successfully un-f*cked your vibration.

5. Time For A Cold Shower: Cold showers don’t allow for sloppy thinking, they pull you into the present moment, into focusing on the warmth of your body. They clear the emotional body and expel any negative thoughts and feelings. Cold showers are a direct path to realigning vibrationally, they don’t allow space for focusing on resistance. The cold water acts as a gentle form of electroshock therapy where the brain is jolted into increasing its present moment awareness. This awareness brings forth increased clarity, optimism and energy. And as soon as you move past the mental discomfort of cold showers, you quickly realise that they’re both enjoyable and invigorating.

Remember, resistance is simply perception, one that we can alter by changing our state or point of focus. While contrast can strike unexpectedly, having a set of go-to strategies to transmute resistance will allow you to un-f*ck your vibration and move past the contrast straight into allowing.

Now, I want to hear from you … What do you do to un-f*ck your vibration? Do you use any of the strategies provided here? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments below or message me directly.


Tahlia X