• Tahlia Asinate

Clarity In Times Of Uncertainty

"Know that your attention to what you are wanting always provides you an immunity, and there is no bigger virus than fear. The influence of this virus is minuscule but the fear our there is enormous and running rampant.

This isn't a bad thing for it’s activating a clarity of desire that has enormous summoning power. A summoning of well-being to you. So many people are holding themselves apart from this well-being, but that is not necessary.

People are using this as a stronger reason to push against than they normally do because they are feeling vulnerable. You need not calibrate to any of that, and calibrating to anything you don’t want is a sacrifice of your connection to Source Energy. Remember that you can calibrate to well-being at any time. That calibration is millions of times more powerful than anything else. Then you will help spread the virus of optimism, of steadiness, of Source Energy. This is an exhilarating launching of rockets of desires right now for you and you will receive knowledge and impulses that you cannot now imagine thanks to these newfound desires. This is like a rebooting, a massive replenishment." — Abraham Hicks

P.s. Abraham has launched online workshops that will be live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1pm Central Time from March 21st 2020 through June 20th 2020. You can sign up for the online workshops by visiting Abraham Now.

Love, Tahlia X