• Tahlia Asinate

Dear Alcohol, I Quit

Dear Alcohol,

We've had a strong run since we first met when I was sixteen. All of which was turned on its head, during my year of not drinking. While this may seem like it was an obvious next step, it was a hard decision to make. Mostly, because you were a safety net for me.

After our one year break, I still hesitated to end our relationship entirely. You were in the back of my head, promising a fun time and a boost in my self-esteem. You were a way to unwind and promised to help me, if and when I experienced anxiety.

However, the time has come, and it's now over between you and me. No longer will I allow your tricks to sabotage me. Today as I write this, I am stronger than I have ever been. I've worked through my insecurities, and I'm ready to move forward, to remove you from my life, and to take responsibility.

As they say, it's not you, it's me. Making this decision is what I know I need to do, to experience the best of life mentally, physically and spiritually.

While I bid you one final farewell, know that this is the last you will hear from me. The time has come for me to forget you, and to focus wholeheartedly on what's best for me.


Tahlia X

P.s. If you, or someone you know struggles with alcoholism or any addiction, please contact a qualified medical professional. For more information, visit the Australian Department of Health's website or Hello Sunday Morning.