• Tahlia Asinate

Give Yourself A Break

Last night, our family went out for the first restaurant dinner we've had in four months. Something I'm so grateful that we could do, as I understand some countries aren't even at this stage yet. Following our family dinner, my boyfriend and I met up with a few friends and we sat under the stars catching up, talking and enjoying a few laughs.

By the time this wrapped up, we arrived home at around 10:00 pm. Which is already around an hour past my usual bedtime. However, because I so desperately wanted to publish a post I'd been working on, I stayed up until 11:00 pm weary-eyed trying to edit and find the right photos so I could hit that beautiful publish button.

By around 11:15 pm, too tired to function I decided to check myself and ask why I was in such a rush to post. The reason for this was that I'd made up a story that I had to publish a post that day. That, if I didn't, I was going to be cancelled and never able to return to writing again ... Completely illogical, I know.

At that moment, I realised that it was time for me to take my own advice and give myself a break. That the post would have more value if I edited it properly and published it another day. Also, that it was well and truly time for me to go to bed.

Something I think we all forget is to give ourselves a break. We have so many deadlines, so many things vying for our attention, standards we want to meet and things we want to do. But we can't do these things, especially not properly, if we're running on empty.

You don't expect a car to run with an empty tank, so don't expect yourself too either. So, in case you needed a sign to take a break, here it is.

Seriously darling ... give yourself a break!


Tahlia X