• Tahlia Asinate

Living The Dream?

Our lives are a direct reflection of the stories we tell ourselves. These stories impact how we view the world and how we perceive ourselves to be.

We tell these stories in a variety of ways, from the actions we take to the decisions we make. All of which are the result of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Our stories can build us up or tear us down, which is why we must tell them in a way that serves us, our desires and our dreams.

However, to do this, we must first understand that we are the creator of our reality. We do this through every thought we think, every action we take, and each emotion we feel. Everything that we are experiencing is the result of the story that we've been telling. Which is why if you are living in a reality that doesn't serve you, it is in your best interest to change your stories.

To change your stories and your reality, begin telling stories the way you want things to be. When doing this, ensure your new stories resonate with you emotionally. As your emotions are energy-in-motion, they are how you communicate with the universe directly.

"You have to tell the story the way you want it to be. Everything that you are living is in response to the story that you are telling." — Abraham Hicks

This is why at times you may find yourself saying an affirmation, that you're struggling to see manifest into your reality. The reason for this is that although you are speaking this affirmation. What you're saying with your emotions differs significantly. In this case, it's best to go general with that story.

Which is what I did a few years ago when my skin wasn't how I wanted it to be. At the time, I had acne and affirming that I had clear skin was too far-fetched for me. To bridge that gap, I went general and looked for things I appreciated already. Whether that was the beauty of the ocean or the relationship I am in.

By intentionally looking for things to appreciate, the universe replied in kind by sending me the inspiration to focus on appreciating the colour of my skin. This was something that came very easily to me. To magnify this appreciation, I added the element of emotion by affirming the feelings I wanted to be experiencing. As a result, I began affirming: "I have beautiful brown skin, I love and accept myself completely."

Before this, my focus when it came to my skin was contrasting, as it wasn't in alignment with the level of health I wanted to be experiencing. Initially changing my focus was extremely important, as focusing on my skin during this time resulted in me feeling unworthy. While at first, I had to change my focus entirely, I was soon able to reach a point where I had a story that was general, yet specific enough for me to resonate with positively. This was extremely important as it bridged the gap from me feeling unworthy to feeling worthy beyond belief.

It's important to note that when we look to change our beliefs, we also look for evidence to support this new way of thinking. We can create this evidence by changing the way we speak, and by acting in ways that support these new beliefs. At first, this may be quite daunting, however, I urge you to reframe those feelings to that of a signal that your desire is nearing.

When it came to my experience with acne, in addition to changing my story, I had to take action accordingly. One of those actions was to stop wearing makeup, and doing this was terrifying for me. Makeup was a safety net to cover my skin. However, by not wearing makeup, I was affirming to myself that I didn't need it and that I could appreciate myself as I was already.

Furthermore, I also began changing the way I spoke about my skin. I stopped initiating conversations about it, which funnily enough decreased conversations about my skin significantly. If anyone did ask about it, it was usually them commenting on how great it was healing, which served as great feedback that I was doing the right thing.

Something else that helped me during my skin healing journey that continues to help me is the concept of living in vibrational reality. This is done by feeling in the present moment, the vibrations that you want to be living. When you do this, the Law of Attraction will naturally sync you up with that to which you are a match vibrationally. A great way to bridge this gap is by finding things in your current reality that give you those feelings.

"What you feel and what you receive are always a vibrational match." — Abraham Hicks

When doing this first identify the feelings you want to be experiencing. For example, let's say I want to feel freedom, joy and evolving. For freedom, I take long coastal walks around the suburb I live in. I live in a beach town, and walking and exploring the beaches gives me feelings of freedom instantly. For joy, on those same walks, I pat dogs and puppies. For evolving, I actively take part in learning, whether that's through courses, watching documentaries or reading daily.

By doing this, I am focusing on and experiencing those desired feelings. These are then magnified to the universe, which brings them forth into my reality. While doing this, my brain can't tell the difference between imagination and reality. As a result, I begin to shift my point of attraction to allow more of those circumstances and opportunities.

The best part about changing your stories is when you manifest an experience you've been purposefully intending, as it clarifies your capability to continue creating the life you want to be living. So, if you're wanting to experience a shift in your reality, begin telling stories the way you want things to be. Support those stories by reframing your beliefs and by speaking and acting accordingly. Also, remember to allow these new stories into your experience by living in vibrational reality.

Remember, your life is a direct reflection of the stories you've been telling. Make sure you're telling them in a way that supports you, your desires and your dreams!

Now, I'd love to hear from you! Do you think there is any relation between the stories you tell yourself and what you experience in your reality? How will you change your stories so they serve you, your reality, and your dreams? Let me know in the comments below, or message me directly.


Tahlia X