• Tahlia Asinate

Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

If I had to calculate the amount of time and money I’ve invested in self-development over the years, well let's just say I'd be here for a quite a few hours. Yet, although I've purchased numerous books, courses, and seminars there were only a select few which provided a positive return on investment.

Now, this isn’t to say that these materials didn’t have value in them … What happened was I spread myself too thin trying to learn everything from every teacher. However, instead of learning about ten different ideas, all that promised over-night riches, I would have been better served by focusing on one idea and learning from a select handful of individuals.

Having discovered the error in my ways, I decided to focus in my efforts. Where if I wanted to improve an area of my life I’d look to those who were the best in their field, and had the results that I wanted.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. — Isaac Newton

And while in most cases, I couldn’t have a direct conversation with these types of individuals, I could use alternative methods to learn from and about them. Where, for example, while I’m unable to have a conversation with someone like Warren Buffett, I can utilise the following alternatives …

  • Read the variety of books written about him — I recommend The Snowball by Alice Schroeder and anything by Mary Buffett.

  • Read his letters to shareholders — You can find them here.

  • Read the countless articles or blogs written about him.

  • Purchase shares in Berkshire Hathaway and attend their shareholder's meeting.

  • Watch his interviews and documentaries about him.

What’s more, is this isn’t individual only to Warren … A online search will provide countless results about industry titans from every field. All which you can learn from and about without ever speaking with them.

In wanting to learn from the greatest minds of our time and years past, something I learnt from this approach was even if you only achieve 1% of their results, it’s still a great outcome. Where if you only achieved 1% of the investment results of Warren Buffett you’d still find yourself in a remarkable position.

Nonetheless, in looking to learn from those considered the ‘greats’ and ‘industry titans’ it’s imperative that we are humble and open to learning. As while each of us has some form of untapped potential, talent alone won’t yield desirable outcomes. What’s necessary aside from this is to be actively seeking growth and development. To seek out knowledge, to apply it and do so in a way that’s fuelled by determination, diligence and persistence.

That which dazzles mortal eyes is oft but perseverance in disguise. — C.C Cameron

Thankfully we live in a time where it’s easier than ever before to learn from the smartest individuals of both past and present. Yet, with the abundance of knowledge available to us, it’s also imperative that we are selective with what we take in and who we learn from.

Thus, instead of buying every course, attending every seminar and reading every book available — I urge you to invest your time and energy wisely. To make a conscious effort to seek out high-quality information that when applied with persistence and diligence will yield you the greatest possible outcomes.


Tahlia X