• Tahlia Asinate

The Importance Of The Two P’s

Some days you wake up, and everything is flowing perfectly … You’re straight out of bed, you’re at your desk early, you have an abundance of creativity and everything is running smoothly.

Then you have the other days … Where you snooze the alarm six times, you’re an hour late to work, your creativity seems to have disappeared, and you can’t seem to catch a break. You’re wondering how to string two words together, let alone form a sentence.

Without the right systems and mindsets, the latter or something similar is far more common than we like to think because it’s not every day that we sit at our desk and are overcome with creativity, or an ability to tick off the to-do list with ease.

And while some hacks and systems can help us circumnavigate this. There are those days that come where none of these amount to much and we must simply rely on perseverance and persistence … Both things that are often overlooked and undervalued, yet are the nexus to achieving success in anything.

Logically, we know that lasting results don’t come from sporadic bursts of effort, that they require continued persistence and perseverance. As they say … “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” It’s the person who shows up each and every day, that improves even by just one percent. They are the ones that will go further than the person who has a really productive day every now and then.

And while perseverance and persistence might not guarantee success, it’s certain that we cannot achieve lasting results without them. Yet, in general society, we don’t discuss their importance as often as we should. We’re taught to idolise (perceived) overnight successes, to want to get rich or get fit as quickly as possible.

But for sustainable long term results, nothing happens quickly … It takes months, years, decades to build something that’s able to last and persevere. Whether it’s a business, your health or a relationship, all of these require perseverance and persistence.

As for those who don’t show up and do the work, who don’t persevere when needed, who give up at the first sign of difficulty … They’re the ones that lose their results as quickly as they received them. But is it their own fault? I’m not entirely sure.

While I do believe we all need to take responsibility for our outcomes, modern society doesn’t encourage us to do so. You’ve got the dopamine rush from social media, the constant stories about (apparent) overnight success and the ability to look rich without actually being so. Considering these factors, you wouldn’t be mistaken in saying the odds are stacked against us.

Should we use that as an excuse, though? I don’t think so. Because with conscious perseverance and persistence, I believe that we can overcome these odds. We might not be world-famous, but we can still achieve success at our own level.

And during the times when we really just want to throw in the towel and give up, we should remember this and instead take a moment to rest and take stock. To go back to the drawing board instead of giving up, especially if it’s something truly worth fighting for. Why?

Well, because … “Most great people have achieved their greatest success, just one step beyond their greatest failure.” — Napoleon Hill


Tahlia X