• Tahlia Asinate

The Turning Point

It was mid-afternoon, I’d just returned from lunch and I was sitting in the meeting room waiting for my boss. Earlier that day I’d asked her if we could meet in private as unbeknownst to her, I was about to hand in my resignation. Once she entered the room and saw my half awkward smile, I’m certain she instantly knew what was happening. I’d been there for a mere seven months but in that time I’d gone from being an intern who begged for an opportunity, to becoming an integral part of the small team that was helping build her business.

By all accounts, I was living my dream life — I lived in the middle of the city with my boyfriend, my office was within walking distance of my home and I was working full-time in a career that I’d dreamed of being involved in. On one hand, I loved my job, I loved that every day was different, that it was fast-paced where one day I’d be packing a press kit to send to media, the other day I’d be working behind the scenes on an event.

Yet, although I loved basically every aspect of my job, there was a part of me that was slowly starting to dislike it. While I loved my job, my co-workers and was living the dream life that I'd always hoped for, I also found myself anxiously chewing gum all day, alongside experiencing panic attacks frequently.

Now, perhaps if I knew the things I knew today and if I had managed my time better, I might still be working at that job or at least in that industry. However, I guess that will always remain an unanswered question. Really, I think the fact of the matter was that I blindly followed what I was ‘meant’ to do instead of considering what I truly wanted to do … I’d gone to university, interned, got a job and was ready to climb the corporate ladder. I didn’t know that there was anything else aside from that and although I loved my work, I also knew that it wasn't my life's purpose.

When I reached this point, I realised that before I moved ahead I needed to take stock and outline how I wanted my life to unfold over the next months, years and decades. After trying my hand at multiple things, I knew that if I wanted to achieve any level of success I needed to design what success meant for me — not just in business but in all aspects of my reality. Because if you don’t know what your ideal life looks like, how are you meant to create it?

So, after a multitude of attempts at careers and businesses in industries that I enjoyed but ultimately didn’t love, I found myself back at the drawing board mapping out what I believed would be my ideal life — one where my work was an extension of who I am, my values and what I believe in.

To do this though I had to do a few things initially — First, I had to create some space for myself to tune in and ask myself what it is I wanted out of life. Second, I needed to identify what the key pillars of my life were, and I also needed to define them. Third, I needed to write out my long-term goals and then reverse engineer them into short term goals that I could begin pursuing. Fourth, I needed to design my daily routine so that it was both sustainable and enjoyable while also helping me move in the direction of the life that I wanted.

Now, I will warn you doing this takes time, it's not something that happens overnight, and in saying that, these things will also change and evolve as you do. However, to start creating a life you love living, it's a necessity to allow yourself the space to find answers to these questions. Because while all of us dream of the perfect life and yearn for a perfect day, few define what this actually means for them, with fewer experiencing it regularly.

It might seem impossible at first but whether your ideal life involves working for a global company where you get to travel the world, working from home so you can spend time with your children, or working on your novel in a cabin in the woods — whatever it is for you, it can be done if you define and pursue it.


Tahlia X

P.s. This is the first instalment of a three-part series called — Life By Design. I'll be sharing 'Part Two' next week where we'll explore questions to ask yourself when designing your ideal life. Be sure to check back in for it.

Now, I want to hear from you! Do you think that you're living your purpose? Why/why not? Let me know in the comments below or message me directly.