• Tahlia Asinate

Use Your Words Wisely

I remember when I first said I love you to myself ...

It felt strange, yet it was exactly what I needed. Until that point, I wasn’t aware of how I spoke to myself, I simply hadn’t thought about it. Yet, when I became aware of my self-talk I quickly learnt that how you speak to yourself matters.

The reason for this is that every word we speak has power within it. With every word we share speaking itself into existence. Every time we say something, it elicits emotion within us. Where everything we say crystalises our perception, shapes our beliefs, influences our behaviour and ultimately determines our life experience.

Without knowing the power of our words, we often speak about ourselves in ways which don’t serve us. Thankfully though we can re-frame those words so that they’re of a more optimistic nature.

Something I often remind myself of is the adage that if I wouldn’t say it about a friend, I shouldn’t be saying it about myself either. While we should be honest with ourselves, especially in terms of self-improvement, we should also be empathetic and our own biggest supporter.

The way you speak to yourself matters. — Anonymous

Therefore, in times when you find yourself saying something that doesn’t serve you, take a minute to re-frame your words so they are conveyed in a way that supports your confidence. While at first, it may feel foreign it’s imperative that you continue to do this, as with time and diligence you will notice your self-talk shifting towards a more optimistic nature.

Having experienced the effects of changing my internal dialogue, I can say that being aware of how you speak to yourself is literally life (and perspective) changing.

Because as in the words of the Persian poet Hafiz … The words you speak become the house you live in. Meaning what you speak is what you create, and with our words influencing everything from our self-worth to our life experience, it’s in each of our best interests to use our words wisely.


Tahlia X