• Tahlia Asinate

Where I've Been

Sometimes you read a piece of writing so impactful that it stops you in your tracks. You know, those pieces that feel like the writer peaked inside your mind and wrote to you directly. The ones that make you think, force you to self-assess and inspire you to be a better person.

Over the years, I’ve come across writing that has had this exact effect. Some were books, others articles also quotes. Yet, regardless of the form, each made me question my beliefs and inspired me to think differently. In fact, it is because of those pieces that my own voice came about — where after reading countless works that changed my life, I realised there were words within me that wanted to take form.

And while initially, I was writing simply for myself, I reached the stage where my words wanted their own space. Where they no longer wanted to be seen by my eyes only, they wanted to be shared and to reach others. So, in sharing my writing with the world, I decided to focus on two requirements — post once per week, and provide value. Both which I’m glad to say I’ve largely stuck too.

However, in reflecting on my writing this past year, I’ve decided to change my focus. Where my core priority moving forward will be the quality of my writing, with each piece shared being timeless and impactful. Where any time you read my work, you are either inspired to improve, encouraged to think differently or taught something new.

Now, what that looks like as a posting schedule isn’t something I’m entirely sure of. Because while I’ll aim to post regularly, my top priority will be the quality and value within each post. Meaning, you will hear from me only when I have something valuable to add to the conversation.

At this point, you may be wondering … Why the shift in focus? Well, the reason is that the topics I’m writing about from this point onwards require deep thinking and reflection. They are mindsets that are pillars in my life and are part of my latticework of mental models. They are also lessons I’ve learnt or am learning by writing about them.

Simply put, every piece I write helps me better understand something and improve as a person. And my intention in sharing my work is that it will have the same effect for others.

Now, considering time is our most precious asset I will keep this short and leave you with a simple promise … Being, anytime you read my work I promise it will be more than worth the time you invest in doing so. That every piece I share will positively change your life and inspire you to think, be, and do better.


Tahlia X